Have you heard about Kim's famous sex video with rapper Ray J?  It's 100% real and 100% amazing.  Years ago, before Kim was Kim, her and Ray J with down to Mexico and decided to have some fun with the camera.  By this time you can tell Kim had already had plenty of practice with dark meat.  She handles Ray J like a champ, giving him amazing head and letting him go deep and multiple positions.  Ray J is a lucky man in this video, making her squeal in ecstacy whi... [...]


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Just ten years later, Ray J appears to be trying to capitalize on his and Kim's famous sex tape and launched Kim's career, or lack of career rather.  The album is titled "I Hit It First" and the album cover seen above clearly shows a pixelated version of one of Kim's plentiful beach bikini pictures.  But it doesn't stop there, lyrics in the song take first shots at Kim, such as one of the opening lyrics: "She might move on to rappers and ballplayers/But... [...]


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Kim Looks Like Humpty Dumpty


Kim was sporting this coral outfit the other day when this picture was snapped on her way to church.  It really looks like those hips are starting to open up in anticipiation of mini Kanye manlet.  Do you think Kim's already gigantic ass will be even bigger after popping out a little dark future media whore?  After all of the trouble the media has given Kim in the past for gaining way, you can be your ass that her lipsuction and plastic surgery appointments are already booke... [...]


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Rumor has it that Kanye has gotten tired of fucking Kim.  Can you believe it?  Perhaps he hasn't, it could be that Kim just isn't putting out these days.  Either way, there's whispers going around that Kanye is taking a step back from the marriage, and letting kim gorge on food while he goes to Paris to see his latest strane, Iggy Azalea, this cute little blonde pop star.  Do you think Kim cares?  Personally I don't think she cares what Kanye does, thei... [...]


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Kim and Kourtney Season Finale


Kourtney and Kim Take Miami had it's season finale last night, and we got to see Kim and Kourtney have a complete meltdown.  The fight started with Kim hiring a private investigaor to follow Kourtney's boyfriend Scott around. Trust issues, Kim? You know what they say... cheaters accusing others of cheating and all!  Kourtney was understandably upset at Kim's unwelcome intrusion into her relationship, and a cat fight, couture on-the-driveway ensued.  Only the Kardashi... [...]


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