Fat Bitchy Kim or Pretty Nice Iggy?

Rumor has it that Kanye has gotten tired of fucking Kim.  Can you believe it?  Perhaps he hasn't, it could be that Kim just isn't putting out these days.  Either way, there's whispers going around that Kanye is taking a step back from the marriage, and letting kim gorge on food while he goes to Paris to see his latest strane, Iggy Azalea, this cute little blonde pop star.  Do you think Kim cares?  Personally I don't think she cares what Kanye does, their marriage was probably just another career move.  But you can bet your ass she has a Kim and Kanye sex tape just waiting to be leaked when the time is right.  Maybe they are planning an epic marriage break down as Kayne leaves Kim for Iggy, releases a new album, Kim has her baby, and releases a new sex tape all at once.  I think the media world would implode.



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  1. June 16th by dushko

    Yes, implode exactly is the right word. Implode into its(and theirs) emptiness.

  2. April 9th by Anonymous


  3. April 9th by Anonymous


  4. March 25th by asdasdasd



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